Thursday, 20 December 2012

Top o' the Seat!

Awards night last night at Portobello HQ was quite daunting.  I can't remember when I was last in a room with so many fit and healthy looking people. It made me think I need to train! This was perhaps some of why, despite the windy, rainy weather this morning, and the fact that I had work in the afternoon, I decided to get out a run and run up to the top of Arthur's Seat and see how that went.

It went fine. I'm still a bit hampered, and my heart-rate was a bit fast, but it was okay, and I was on the top in 26 minutes. I think my all time record's 22m. It was blowy and miserable so I didn't linger at the top but headed down towards Whinny hill. As I was running downhill the wound at the top of my leg was a bit sore so I wheeched up my shorts leg to have a look and see what was going on. Nothing was going on. It was only when I'd pulled my shorts leg down again and straightened up that I saw the two tall, anoraked figures and their dog coming towards me. I was a bit chagrined to have just flashed my white bits at perfect strangers so ran off down the hill a bit further than I needed to and then sneaked back onto Whinny Hill when the coast was clear.

Running around off road was great fun - much better than yesterday's 10 miler. I seem to keep discovering this over and over again. Off-road is much more fun and its better. It helped that I'd worn my Mud-Claws. Always a trade off - they're much better off road but the mile of road there and the mile of road back from the Queen's Park wear the nubbins down on the bottom.

Being out in the wind and rain on the hill made me feel like I'd been wrestling with a....rainy, windy, hilly fellow. After getting home and de-thawing and having a shower I was just ready to have a nice nap in front of the fire but unfortunately it was time to pedal back up the road to work. I am mighty glad to be home now. I think it'll be an early tea, the last episode of The Killing and then off to bed.

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