Saturday, 15 December 2012

Baby Steps

Decided to brave a run today. At first I was going to just run up to the Queen's Park and run once round the green bit there, to make about 3 miles, but then I thought I might as well do the whole run c. 5.5 miles. I don't know what that 'decision' was based on.

I felt crap from the off. My lungs are very odd and my heart rate was far too high. It was a nice sunny day though and despite my running being crap it was good to be out. I stopped twice at the top to try and get rid of a stitch, with some success. I am trying to not take today's run as any kind of indicator of the way things are going to be. And after all, only a few days ago, just drifting around the Botanics like a ghost was a major deal. Cycling felt much more normal yesterday than it did then too.

I have posted  a picture of my leg where they went into my femoral vein. I've had a great  idea for a new app, "CSI me", a bit like instagram except it makes you look like a victim of violent crime. I haven't worked out the detail yet though.

We're off to see Long Tall Ben Kemp et famille in North Berwick this evening. Call me suspicious but I think he might be going to get us drunk and then try to talk us into crewing for him at the WHW race. I must keep my wits about me.

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