Saturday, 22 December 2012

OMG run

The weather forecast was appalling, rain and wind, so I knew it would take an assertive approach to get the team up and out in it. Peter got bed tea at 10am and instructions that we'd be leaving by 11.30am. The original plan had been to go to the Pentlands and start tackling hills again but it was so very dark and wet we fixed on Gullane instead.

Just before we were about to leave (we hadn't quite made the 11.30 cut off) we got a message from Michael Geoghegan to say he was back in town and would probably be up for any and all running  over the festive season. We rang him straight up and he agreed to come too, despite having already knocked out a Park Run this morning. So we made a slight diversion to Morningside and then headed out into the unpromising looking weather.

It was chucking it down as we arrived in Gullane but we got moving anyway. The boys were chatting pretty much non-stop and I tucked in neatly behind them as we headed along the road into a stiff Easterly breeze. I couldn't have talked anyway as although they were just sauntering I was blasting along at top speed - or I felt like it anyway. It got easier as the miles clicked by.

I didn't see much today, I was just watching where my feet went. I did see a load of surfers though. That seemed like quite a good use of a wet day. We've thought about getting gloves and boots to go with our wetsuits so we can go and do some winter swimming. Whether we ever do it or not is a different matter.

It stopped raining about mile 3 of the run and  held off for the next 7 so I think we got lucky really. In Gullane refreshment was needed so Peter and I went for cheese tongues and MG went for chips.

A fine day out all in all and I'm glad we didn't waste it sulking at the weather. Tomorrow's plan is to get up into the Pentlands and start to work these lungs and legs...

I am absolutely loving being on holiday. No work til next Thursday...

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