Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sunrise and Sunset

Caught both ends of the day today. They aren't far apart I know! Day 2 with no meds and my heart's beating faster but well within limits and not irregular at all. I went out a rather grim road 10 miler round the Seat just to test it. I wasn't great or terrible. My hands were much warmer than they have been for a while. I am tired of being hyper-aware of what's going on in my body.

Peter went off to one of the East District Cross Country championships, grumbling loudly, "waste of a day". Its in Cupar. "Practically all the way to bloody St Andrews!". I'm sure he'll be in a better mood when he gets home. The smell of team spirit and a good run out and all that.

Its the Porty Xmas night out tonight, but I'm bowing out. Haven't drunk anything since July and now doesn't seem the time to start. So I think I'll probably go and do a Tesco's shop instead. Woohoo.

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