Friday, 7 December 2012


The countdown has begun. My catheter ablation is on Monday. I've to stop taking meds from today.

After more than 5 months of taking drugs it surprised me how nervous it made me to stop. What would happen? Nothing right away anyway. My thinking was a little askew when I look at it. Like the first time I went to France I put on shorts and a t-shirt because I knew France was hot. But then I had to put some things on again because it was only 5 O'clock in the morning. I guess it'll take a while to get the drugs out my system, and nothing particularly dramatic should happen.

I was feeling twitchy so I thought it best to just get out a run. Peter came too - before breakfast! Impressive. It was 4 hours since my breakfast. After my realisation the other day that I'd been forgetting about how much fun off-roady Arthur's Seat can be I thought we'd head off up there. Although it was a grey day in Edinburgh as we got higher we saw there was sun shining elsewhere. The air was cool and clear and it was good to get up there. Quite a lot of ice, so it wasn't that runable, but we weren't out to set any records today anyway.

I'd managed to minimise the ablation in my mind quite well, but now its near and real I've been looking at the stuff on-line about it and scaring myself somewhat. Which isn't really helpful. So I've turned it into an event on facebook so every one can make a fuss of me and send me positive vibes. Which will almost certainly work.


runtwo said...

Hope you are feeling better and it makes a noticeable difference. Are you able to re-commence running quite quickly after this procedure?

Yak Hunter said...

Hi Brian, all being well I should get back running within the week. I got some very stern warnings about the next couple of days so I might be a bit careful. Glad its over. I have to blog it to get it out my system...