Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Neil's Xmas Run

(B&W photo by Ryan Buchanan, others by PB except the one of me and P which was by Neil.)

Christmas morning and we had an arrangement to meet Peter's brother Neil for a run up and around the seat.
Neil dips in and out of running and right now he is having a running renaissance and his plans for the year to come are proliferating.

His son Ryan and his friend Isaac came out for a walk while we were running.

I was glad to see Neil has the same attitude to talking on the uphills as me - i.e. it can't really be done. Peter kept talking anyway. I wasn't dragging too far behind on the uphills, and although it was hard, I think its getting easier. I got dropped rapidly on the downhills. I'm much more used to this. It's got nothing to do with heart-rate.

It was mild and quite still and the sun even came out a bit. What a nice start to Christmas. We're going round to Neil and Sue's later on for food and drink and Xmas cheer and we're going to take my old dusty guitar because Isaac, who is from Peru, is studying music and the guitar is his main instrument. Should be good.

I'm thinking I'll go on Mad Dog Graham Henry's annual boxing day run tomorrow but with some kind of get-out clause in case it all gets a bit hectic. The first few miles are usually the worst until everyone settles down...

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