Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Kind of a crap run this morning. The weather forecast said it was going to be cold and windy but sunny and dry, so I thought I'd go and do a 10 miler round Arthur's Seat. I hadn't run for 3 days so was keen to get out there. I have a couple of weeks off university so I've got Wednesdays back to myself. After a few bad night's sleep in a row I got 10 solid hours last night and I was feeling great this morning. Despite the weather report however there was sleet and snow blowing about. I tried to wait it out but in the end thought I better just wrap up warmer and get myself out there. This meant putting on tights. I really hate wearing tights. They drag you down. Also a waterproof jacket.

When I first went out the wind was blowing sleet in my face and it was cold and I was glad of my clothing choices but after a couple of miles the sun came out and it was too hot. I stuffed my gloves down my tights and thought about hiding my coat somewhere - but there was no escape from the tights other than running round Arthur's Seat in my pants. That's pushing it even for me. So I just had a too hot run. My legs felt crap. My shoes feel like they've just worn out. It was an effort. The pace was b-a-a-a-d. Argghhh. Marathon in 10 or so days.

I was cheered only by Jimbo Ramsay posting a compilation of lots of people falling off treadmills and hurting themselves, which is hopefully appearing above. Enjoy. Some of them are clearly staged but others are not.

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