Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Ghost of Jimmy Saville

We pioneered a new route around Gullane today, heading about a mile east and then taking a path down to the shore that skirts the edges of the affluent Archerfields golf course. There was a cold NE wind blowing off the sea, so the idea was to run back along the beach with the wind behind to Gullane and beyond, round to Aberlady bay and then  back to the car at Gullane. Managed not to go to a single food outlet in Gullane despite being starving.

There were some odd things in the woods.

My legs were a bit shot today from doing the bog trot yesterday.

Thats the end of my week's holiday and despite fighting it I have the return to work depression. Eric had an intuition at Lochaber that if he bought us a lottery ticket  it was going to win. He bought it and it won £19.60, so he was going to re-invest and try again. Go on Uncle Eric win us the Euromillions!!!


coastkid said...

Queenstonbank farm!
Not seen that face in the woods before, is it behing Marine Villa? -:)

Yak Hunter said...

hmmm, dunno! just in some woods near Gullane! But we've run that way before and Sir Jimmy definitely wasn't there.