Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Day Before

I've got 70s tunes stuck in my head. What the hell is it all about? Haven't thought much about 70s tunes since me and Inga used to play Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd  tunes on 1 X electric guitar and amp (Inga's) and 1 X acoustic guitar (stolen from the school?) in Inga's bedroom in a council house up the back of Stromness when we were in 5th year at school. We used to smoke up a storm in her bedroom too, sometimes also joined by her younger sister. Family politics dictated that I take sole responsibility for the smoking so Inga's dad used to call me Smoky Joe. But no adult ever entered the den so clearly nobody wanted to know any different.

The choice of music was Inga's. My contribution was an ability to pick up a tune. I had spent many hours on my own "being" the Jam, Mark Knopfler and Pink Floyd. I can quite like a bit of these old Rocky legends' music but always get tired of it. Their emotional range is too narrow and insistent, not playful enough.

Anyway its droaning on in my head and I think its something to do with the build up to tomorrow's marathon.
I was going to go up to Fort Bill and camp the night before but I've got the chance of a lift and an early morning drive up there so will today be mostly mooching around at home "resting". And by resting I mean not doing anything constructive but not really enjoying relaxing either. Oh well, I guess that's the way its gonna be!

Inga is now a marine biologist.
I hope that neither of us smokes but Inga might.

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