Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Burpee

Today's run was just under 11 miles round the coast. Whilst out there I tried to do some Burpees, (according to Runner's World Website, the "best exercise you can do", developed in the 1930s by Lord Admiral Burpee). The article in Runner's World suggests you should do 5 sets of 10, or 4 sets of 10 if you're a beginner. To date the most I have managed is 5 and have never had the appetite for a 2nd helping.

It was grey and windy, nice to be out, but good to get finished, and made better by a stop off at the Gullane Superfry for chip rolls and diet Irn Bru. This is turning into a new vice. But is it really a vice? Is it so wrong to be happy? We shall see. Still not feeling marathon-tastic, but better than last week. Not got much speed. Maybe better lay off the cycling and the burpees towards the end of the week.

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