Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday Run

A wet run in the Pentlands this morning. It was drizzling and the tops were clagged in. We did a couple of tops, Turnhouse and Carnethy, and then headed down onto the relative flatness of the "low level" route. It was good catching up with Richard "Ultra" Dennis, who has been absent every weekend for some time, being off racking up the mileage and getting some pretty good results in recent races.

I had a not bad run yesterday after Wednesday's stinker, but today my legs were tired. Far from tapering for the marathon I feel I am training for it. Its in, let me see, a week and 2 days! I'm already rationalising it away as a training run for something else. Maybe Stuc a Chroin which I quite fancy doing again.

I'm working tomorrow, lured by the prospect of time and a third pay and seeing some old friends. Lets hope the sun is back by Sunday.

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