Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Buttercup Cafe

Today's plans to support the Porties en velo went somewhat awry. First of all when my alarm went off at 7am I didn't get up. Then when I did get up Peter had been messing with my bike. Its a long story but it meant when I finally did set off I needed to go and buy a new inner tube first. I went past Sandy Gilchrist's first of all, only to find it wasn't there. Maybe they're having a refurb or something. So then I stopped in Portobello.

By this time I didn't have much time left to get down the road before the runners would be arriving in North Berwick. I cycled as fast as I could, and it was quite fast as there was a good following wind, but it was not fast enough, nor was it ever really possible that I was going to catch up with the run. At 12.20, as I was 2 or 3 miles adrift I got a text from Peter to say they were all in the cafe. So I arrived in time for the best bit. Everyone there had had a good run. The conditions were ideal. The general mood was buoyant.

We were going to cycle back to get in some training but I had a brain-wave that we could cut in-land to Haddington and then come back via the cycle track and maybe get some shelter from the wind, so we turned down the road to Drem. My legs were pretty much spent however from cycling hard earlier, the wind was no longer so helpful and my posterior was registering some degree of discomfort. Drem just happens to have a train station so we went there instead. Peter affirmed that he had been "tricked". Whatever. 28 or so mile cycle. Not a bad day's work and my hip felt nice and loose afterwards. So I've been doing more funny exercises. Hope its still alright tomorrow!

Tomorrow's mainly going to be cycling too as I have business in Musselburgh in the morning and Edinburgh in the afternoon. I should be cycle-fit by marathon time.

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