Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rainy Night in Musselburgh

The team will never be awesome if we don't run. So despite it chucking it down we thought we needed to do a Friday night drive to the Musselburgh Quayside and bang out some quick, flat miles round the lagoons etc. Peter's PF foot seems to do better on the flat so that's what we're testing out.

We cowered in the car for a while as the rain blasted down but it wasn't getting any lighter so we got ourselves out in it. The first mile was the worst - running NE into the North-Easterly wind with the rain numbing our faces and hands and no cover whatsoever. I had hoped for a warm up mile but I was frozen after this one. Then things relented a bit and it was great to get inland and turn around and suddenly we were trucking along with the wind behind us. By the time we were finished the rain had stopped and the sky was brightening.

Next races - Black Rock 5 and then maybe a wee cheeky E2NB the next day, but only if the wind's right. In the last couple of weeks  the wind has turned Easterly and I'm not running 20 miles into a cold headwind.

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