Tuesday, 27 December 2011


In a post-Christmas, pre-New Year lull I decided today that I would do some  tidying and sorting things out while I had time to. Me and Peter are both pilers. We build piles of things to do something about later. Before you know it you haven't seen the surface of a table for quite some time. And then if there are piles of things everywhere you can't hoover - well not properly. Anyway today I got in about some of the piles of things and I've been quite enjoying it. I get lots of nursing stuff though the post that I'm not interested in but always feel I should look at before throwing out. Peter gets Crown Decorating magazine - a ripping good read. (Its free - he's not subscribed to it!). Then there's a bunch of other pointless stuff. Napier University's "Red Triangle" magazine, my Runner's World magazines, The Edinburgh Bicycle catalogue, The Yellow Pages, The Ikea catalogue....important information about changes to my bank account, old receipts, notes, letters...

I got into a box I keep under the coffee table where I fling important things that I don't want to lose but I can't be bothered (that's "haven't got time") to deal with and found about 3 years worth of Motor Insurance renewals and Buildings Insurance documents and a few other semi-important things and realised to my surprise that this year I've changed nearly all my insurance policies and what not so that they are  cheaper and more closely reflect what I actually want. I knew I'd been  concentrating harder than usual on not wasting money but when I saw just how much I'd changed I was impressed. I thought I would go for the burn and finally cancel my subscription to Runner's World which I've been thinking about doing for the longest time. After all if I was going to drop 5 lbs and run faster with less effort I probably would have by now. So its done. So I should continue to get magazines up to April but after that I'll have to make it up myself. Which I am confident I can. We'll still be getting Trail Runner shipped over from the States so we can ogle kit.

Anyway - hopefully I'll be moving streamlined and more efficiently into 2012. And they say virtue is its own reward but when I lifted the hoover out from where it stands in the hall I found £3 under it. Yay!

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