Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bonaly Loop

Too many photos again. I know. Today we got out to the Pentlands 2 whole hours before sunset. We started at Bonaly and did a mile loop round a reservoir (don't know what its called) and then headed off up into the hills. Well, Harbour Hill and Bell's Hill and half of the side of Black Hill but aware that sunset was now just an hour away we headed down off the hill and then up the path to between Harbour Hill and Bell's Hill. This is a fairly long, monotonous and uniformly uphill path so we broke it up with 4 minute efforts of "hard running" and 4 minutes of easier running. Pulled some faces at some innocent walkers just out for a nice walk.

Back over Harbour Hill, and then the steep mile downhill on the hard gravelly path back to Bonaly. It was nice to be back out in the hills despite some very wet bits.

We've got the 2nd hour of The Killing 2 taped from last night to watch tonight. We both reckon they're pushing their luck with the plot line. The trouble is if it gets too preposterous Buchanan will start protesting so audibly I won't even be able to follow the plot. Its bad enough that its Danish and sub-titled. If I forget, as I occasionally do, that I don't understand Danish, I can miss great swatches of what's happening.

Challenge no.2 tonight will be to not drink anything. Last night I thought I would lay off drinking and ended up drinking the end of the bottle of whisky we had left over from the Glenogle 33 and then compare and contrasted it with the end of the bottle of Dalwhinnie we also had in the cupboard. Its a mug's game. I could taste oily whisky and heartburn as I was plodding up the hills today and our already frayed winter tempers get even more thin and fragile.

Anyway, another 8.5 Marcothon miles to put in my pipe and smoke. Huzzah.

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happy_tom said...

stunning phots. As usual.