Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A flap up the seat

Today's Marcothon fun was a saunter up Arthur's Seat in the icy wind. Its a very good way to get warm. The rest of the day has been pretty much freezing. Now that we've hit austere times I'm not allowed to leave all the heaters on anymore.

Today's morality tale is that in a bid to get warm I went and tidied up my running kit which was a horrible tangled mess in a wire basket. As a result of this wholesome activity I found a completely new pair of woollen Hilly socks, bought, doubtless, during a wealthier era in our lives and tossed thoughtlessly aside. I also found a knitted Peruvian bowler hat my dad's old girlfriend Vigdis gave me some years ago. Me thinks it might be quite good for the cross-country.

Tonight we are off to prize-giving at club where I believe I am in line for a 3rd place trophy.

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