Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Challenge

This was part 2 of the Graham Henry Christmas time challenge and to be honest I was intimidated. Yesterday, on Christmas Day, we went a smallish run up Arthur's Seat in the stormy wind before going round to Peter's brother and sister in law's for Xmas Lunch etc. (Superb by the way) and I felt rubbish. How was I going to cope with some hellish gallop through the Pentlands? By last night I had convinced myself that I had a bit of a fever and this morning when I got up I had a sore throat. I'm not usually keen on reaching for the drugs in order to be able to run but this morning I had 2 echinacea tablets (I know, I am a fiend) and 2 paracetamol and a jug of coffee - and that was all I really could do in preparation.

So when we set off I found that I was feeling okay and things really weren't so bad. The howling wind "cleared" my nose beautifully. Despite the wild wind it was really pretty warm and I soon had to strip down to a t-shirt. If I'd had shorts with me I'd have been wearing those too. I approve of this new climate. The global warming's working at last.

I'm too tired to say much more about it except that it was a good day, lots of fun and I was pleased with how I felt on the hills. Running every day does seem to be doing something for me.

Soup and bread and many cups of tea apres run were also great fun in good company. More plans getting laid for the year to come. My cold seems to have gone away on its own. Vive Ecosse Ya bass.

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