Saturday, 10 December 2011

Dalmeny in the snow

Oops, too many photos but I don't want to leave any out. The plan today was to run in the daylight and we made it - just. There was a lot of shilly-shallying until we finally got ourselves out there. Drove down to Silverknowes and then ran along the promenade, up the Almond to the Cramond Brig Inn and then into the Dalmeny estate a ways. After all the hurly-burly on Thursday and still a bit of wind yesterday it was very calm and peaceful. Plus it was just getting to be dusk which is often kind of quiet. Blackbirds were peeping as the light faded in the trees and whoever was shooting whatever they were shooting on the Dalmeny Estate, stopped and went home.

We made it back while we could still just about make out what was in front of us. A relatively long run of 8 miles and we were as nice and warm once we'd finished as we'd been frozen rigid before we started. Tomorrow - we'll try for earlier again and see how that works out. I feel like I've worn out a lot of routes again. Can't face the John Muir Way for now. I need to think up some new runs.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tree shots there, winter in all its stark beauty.