Sunday, 18 December 2011

Fife AC Christmas Cracker Trail Race

Another great day out. The Berlingo was full with Ally Robertson, Gareth Green and Richard (who ran 40 miles in the snow yesterday!) coming along with us to Falkland for the Christmas Cracker Trail Race. Ice was forming in the car park at a rather alarming rate as we arrived, so it was cold but it was very still - had been sunny earlier in the day but was now overcast.

Today's race was 3 laps of a bit more than a mile over varied terrain which included a river crossing with a steep bank upwards straight afterwards. The 2nd lap was the hardest, mentally, and I was starting to drift off on the road section and think about other things when Innes Bracegirdle caught up to me and I remembered I was in a race. It was by no means certain that I could get ahead and stay ahead of her but I think I might just have it in the river-crossing and bank-climbing stakes. Very important skills to have.

The round trip of 80+ miles is not all that green and may seem excessive for 3.64 miles of running but the racing chat in the car is one of the things its all about. By the time we were back in Edinburgh we had talked ourselves into a whole stack more races to do in 2012.

Crooky (Brian Cruickshank) and Fife AC, as ever, put on a great fun event. The cakes and coffee afterwards were absolutely delicious. Nice to see many familiar faces from hill running and from the Tour of Fife.

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