Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wide open spaces

I was working at the weekend, so today was kind of my weekend and you should go somewhere at the weekend so I went to Gullane. The sun had gone for the day by the time I got there though, and it turns out the Konditormeister is closed on a Tuesday. I had a little niggling guilt as I have stuff I have to do, kind-of-weekend or not. Conditions were not ideal

There was a bit of a cold Easterly blowing, so I headed east first, to get it over with. There was nobody much about and lots of wide open spaces. When I got down to the beach, having run through Archerfields, I had the wind behind me, but the sand was fine and powdery, making for a tiring surface to run on. Still I was enjoying the muted colours of the sand running into the sea which eventually turned into sky. My solitude was broken only by an enormous troop of walkers at Gullane. I don't know where the hell they came from.

Tired of the sinky sand I ran up to  the top of the hill towards the golf course. I hadn't been there since all that shenanigans with my heart nearly 2 years ago. It was nice to think that all I could find to be wrong with me today was the slightest of achilles niggles in my left foot - something which I think comes from driving. It's my clutch foot.
It was a nice run down the grass into Gullane past the big houses and into the Co-op for a bottle of water.
I guess I better do some of those things...

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