Saturday, 24 May 2014

A wee mad truck

After an aptly named "long day" at work yesterday (8am - 9pm), I felt less than special today. I wanted to go a run round Arthur's Seat but there are goings on up there. (10Ks and fun runs and "festivals"). I hatched a rather mundane plan which was to drive to Musselburgh, run easy round the lagoons there and return via Tescos for a shop. I asked Peter if he wanted to come too. He didn't want to do anything hard as he's got a marathon tomorrow, but he came out for a leg stretcher.

His line of thinking was negative. I wished I had a tape-recorder, I would have taped it. "The weather looked bad earlier in the week, but now it looks worse." "It's cold, I'm going to have to wear gloves." "With the wind in my face, I'll be lucky to run 3 hours."

To be fair the forecast is not looking good. I tried to plant some positive seeds in his mind. "Just tuck in behind a great big chap. Someone going at just the right speed. You'll be running in his wind shadow thinking "this is great, I'm running 6.30 pace and it's a breeze", then you'll turn around at 18 miles, you'll have the wind behind you, be feeling fresh as a daisy and it'll be spr-oi-ng!!!" I had to use arm movements to indicate the motion of something being fired out of a catapult. At least I made him laugh.

Coming back into Musselburgh I put the finishing touches on my mental painting of his marathon tomorrow. "You'll be running along here and Freddy Mercury will actually have come back from the dead to sing "We are the Champions" to you." It was an inspiring pep talk, if I say it myself. I'm available for hire.

Anyway, it was a pretty dull, grey day and there was nothing much to see but we both liked this little wooden planter truck thing...

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