Monday, 26 May 2014

Moody 12 miler

Things have got in the way of any proper running this weekend so this morning I thought I'd get out and see what all the rain and sunshine have been doing to the canal and the Water of Leith.

It was a moody, sultry kind of a day. The sun came out for a little while but I was not fooled. There were big puddles in the road showing that it had been raining, and there were big billowing clouds building up in the sky to show it was going to be raining. Still it was nice and warm. I paused at Arthur's Seat to take off a layer and take some photos. The sun had gone by then, hence the silhouettes.

Along the canal there were ducklings, cygnets and coots. I pleaded with them to stop scooting off so I could take a picture, telling them the world needs their cuteness, but I only got a half decent shot of one duckling. "To hell with you then" I told them and put the camera away for the rest of the journey.

8 miles into it the heavens opened and people ran for cover and it was nice to just stay out in it. By 10 miles I was tired and wished I was home. At 12 miles I was home.

Now it's the usual story. You know...stretch, shower, do some class is back on tonight. My hamstrings will be nice and stiff for that.

Peter, after his 2.50 marathon yesterday, is having trouble getting started today. He tells me he's going to work but it's 12.45pm....

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