Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beautiful Morning

This is the nearest to being on holiday I've been in quite some time. With a new job starting in June, there's no need to worry too much. I'll do the bank shifts I'd already agreed to but there's no need to go looking for any more. I've got uni stuff to do but the deadlines are not too urgent. Studying has become a little bit of a farce lately but I'm going easy on myself, - at least I'm doing something! On Sunday, after a lot of preliminaries, by 3pm I had sat down on the sofa to do some reading, but unfortunately was swept away by an enormous wave of tiredness and had to sleep for an hour and a half. By the time I woke up it was time to be thinking about doing the dishes and making something to eat. I'd missed my opportunity.
Yesterday, after more preliminaries (it does seem to be preliminaries that are the problem), I had myself seated on the sofa by 2.10pm, all ready to do some reading. This time, however, not only was I sleepy but I had to leave the house by 3pm to get on to my next thing...

This morning I woke up at 5am. Far too early but I wasn't getting back to sleep, and it looked like a really nice morning, so I got up. It occurred to me that I could take a trip to Gullane and go a run round the beach.
So that's what I did. The air was cool, the sun was shining and there was a fresh sea breeze. There were a lot of very good smells coming out of the undergrowth, making me reach for my camera before I fully realised that it wasn't what I was seeing that was so pleasing. I don't know what the smells were. Green things...

When I took my camera I knew it's been a while since I charged up the battery but I couldn't be bothered faffing. Standing on the wooden bridge over to Aberlady bay, trying to persuade the camera to focus on the light ripples in the water and not the muddy bottom drained the battery and the whole thing shut down. I was half disappointed and half relieved. Maybe I could just get on with my run then?

I thought I'd squeeze a few more pics out the battery when it had been off and warmed up in the sun for a while, and I did. There was more to see, but it was nice to just keep going.

So after  getting some veg for tea at Tescos and olive bread (yum) and mackerel for lunch, and after blogging. All I need to do is some stretching and have a shower and maybe have a little snooze to make up for the early start and then I can get right down to some hard graft, some serious studying. I'll probably read quite a lot.

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