Friday, 29 November 2013

Darn Leg

Well, my funny leg felt alright when I rolled out of bed this morning, and the weather said sunny today and not so much tomorrow, so I made Peter bed-tea and we set off for Gullane to try a 10 miler. I figured there was no way I should try for a long run tomorrow, so better to test it out today. There are a few opportunities for bailing out early if need be.

It started off with just the mildest feeling of stiffness. By 3 miles it was more pronounced but in no way bad. At 6 miles we were on Gullane beach and that would have been the time to call it a day probably, but I didn't want to. It was cold and there was a stiff wind blowing but it was bright too and everything looked great and all the cobwebs were long since blown off.

We ran through the Jimmy Saville woods, probably the first time since the Jimmy Saville scandals. There was no sign of Jimmy or his friends. Hopping over tree roots tipped my funny leg over into proper discomfort. About 8.5 miles in I finally stopped and walked, and then walked and jogged the rest of the way.

Well shouting at it hasn't worked. I have no idea what's up with it really. It seems funny it isn't sore right out of the box but only once I've run a few miles on it. Do I really have to start swimming or something again?

Back in Gullane we ran into Scott and Amanda who'd been out running too, and a lady stopped us and said she knew us because she read our blogs!!!
We were fiercely hungry so had the first cheese tongues we've had in ages.

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coastkid said...

I never got cycling on the coast today due to other stuff while on my hols. Missed a nice day. You guys and the pics made it feel better for not being out!.
Hope the leg heals ok soon -)