Sunday, 1 December 2013

Funny Leg goes to the Lagoons

These top 2 photos were from the other night, nothing to do with anything, just a good sky...

Selfie in Mussy

I suppose you know I'm not going to be able to let the subject of my funny leg drop until it is better. After Friday's run it was really pretty stiff for the rest of the day and not great yesterday. Still, I'm convinced it's not a running injury, it's a yoga injury, because running doesn't hurt it at first, it takes a while to hurt it. I also had this thought that since it didn't hurt until after the first hour of running on Friday, maybe I could restrict myself to running for less than an hour at a time and it'll still get better and I'll be able to run. So that's my rationale. I'm past the anger and denial phase and into doing a spot of bargaining.

Last night we were at out friends Ben and Alison's for a bit of a soiree. We ate before we got there but it didn't stop Peter having a healthy dose of pizza. I resisted but when there was chocolate pudding and ice-cream I had to have some. Not running and eating chocolate pudding is a bit of a frightening road - at the end of that road is a team of builders and paramedics breaking a hole in the outside wall of the flat because they can't get me through the door to go and get my gastric band fitted. I don't mean to catastrophize but...

Anyway, Peter was off to run the 7 reservoirs race in the Pentlands this morning. His preparation was  fastidious. Two teas - normal dinner plus pizza plus chocolate pudding and ice-cream, accompanied by beer and then red wine and a short night's sleep. I don't envy him. I thought I would go and do the 5 miler round the Musselburgh Lagoons as it's nice and flat.

It was a sunny morning and warmer than I imagined it was going to be so soon had to take off my buff and gloves and a top and wrap it round my waist and I still wished I had shorts on rather than tights. I got in one of these foolish races with a woman (I think she might even be a Porty but I'm so out of touch with things there I'm not sure) where you just decide, based on nada, that you should be going faster than the other person  - so instead of enjoying the run round the front with the sunshine and the blue sea I was gasping for breath. However, I beat her round the Lagoons road by a good 10 yards so it was worth it. Then, happily, she went another way, and I was able to get my breath back and my heart-rate back down.

The good thing was my leg wasn't really bothered by any of this. It felt the same as it did when I started. It's quite swollen and puffy but it's alright.

I googled yoga knee injuries last night just to see if there was any wisdom out there for me. I don't think I saw what is wrong with my leg - it's not really the knee but the wee muscle on the left hand side above and to the side of my knee, however, there was plenty frightening stuff out there about yoga injuries. They particularly recommend that you don't try and force yourself into the lotus position because if your hips are tight and won't flex you're apt to tear the meniscus in your knee. I could do without that. At the Ashtanga yoga I've been going to up until recently, I was the last person in the class whose legs resisted all attempts to go anywhere near a lotus position, and I might keep it that way. I was also the last man standing to not be able to touch their toes. Other people were just showing off, honestly, wrapping their arms around the back of their legs and touching their heads onto their shins. What kind of a sport is that? But I liked the Iyengar yoga, and I never got hurt there. It's finished until January now but I'll go back then.

Very nice to run 5 miles and I feel a whole lot better. Tomorrow I might have to vary it with a swim. We'll see how the leg is.

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