Monday, 25 November 2013

Quad Injury

It was an unexpectedly nice morning and since I cut my run short on Saturday and only did a wee slow one yesterday, I thought I'd go out a brisker run up the Water of Leith and back along the canal.

It was frosty and cold but the sun was out. I felt duty  bound to carry a camera, so stopped for some shots along the way.

Early on the muscle above and on the inside of my right knee was kind of tight but no problem, but by the time I got to the King's Theatre at 9+ miles that muscle felt like it was cramping and the muscles connected to it were starting to hurt. What the hell? I stopped and stretched my quads and my hip flexors and got going fact it kept getting worse. At the Arthur's Seat end of the Meadows it was too stiff and sore and strange so I walked for a while. Going downhill was much much worse so I had to walk from Arthur's Seat all the way home, which was cold and boring. Please let it go back where it came from...

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