Sunday, 3 November 2013

Japanesey Run

Nursery Dreams (if you look closely you can see a teddy-bear and a friendly dancing owl)

Sinister bin shadow

Where I came in

The wolf-house

Today was another low heart-rate recovery run. It was cold and the wind was brisk so I wrapped up warm and took my rucksack and my camera. I didn't know where I was going to go so I just followed my nose. I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me before that these slow runs are the ideal runs to take a camera out too.

Edinburgh is just full of buildings that are shouting to have their photograph taken but I found myself more taken with the blobs of light that dance around on the surface of things in this low winter light. There's something cheering about them. I began to speculate that I probably used to watch them from my pram. Not a theory I can prove or disprove, but I have that kind of feeling about them. Feeling settled and cosy and enjoying watching them bob around.

The next things to catch my attention were creepers on walls dying back. The guest house in the last photo reminded me of the wolf boys of Mexico.

Down at the water side the wind was blowing hard and icy. I was going to duck back up the cycle path but couldn't be bothered crossing the road as there's a kind of clunky three-way traffic system there and it can take a while to get across, so I carried on and thought I'd head up another way. Then I had a notion to run up the road that goes past the house where I was born. The challenge here was to keep a low heart-rate on a steep hill. It meant taking baby steps. The house didn't have much to say to me. But I realised that there was an awful lot of stuff about babies and being born in my head. Maybe it's because it's my birthday on Thursday.

Managed to keep my heart-rate at a super-low average rate of 126.

Anyhoo. Nice Morning. Better get studying before Peter comes home full of tales of the Borders XC.

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