Sunday, 17 November 2013

Surprising Beauties of Leith

I finally managed to sit down and make a start on my essay at about 5pm yesterday and at 9.30pm I forced myself to stop and go and get some tea. I didn't let myself go near it again for the rest of the night but I did find myself restlessly googling things that are to do with it. I couldn't switch my brain off properly so when I wasn't lying awake I was dreaming about it or things to do with it...

So this morning I felt pretty crap and even my easy recovery run held little appeal.

I went anyway and I was glad I did. It was very cold and still outside and the sun came out. The air was clear. There was hardly anybody about. The people who were about were mostly friendly.

I was trying to keep my heart-rate under 130 bpm, which is pretty low. A girl very slowly and very noisily overtook me on Leith Links and I had to have a stern word with myself not to race her. What would that accomplish?

Buchanan will be back today so I guess I better not waste this time. Essay is a-calling.

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idleage said...

1. what essay?
2. like Leith pix
3. most of all, at start of blog, LOVE the himalayan peak with snow blowing off, lifts my mood every time.