Saturday, 9 November 2013

Back in the Hokas

Too much "floor work" at yoga on Thursday led to the re-awakening of the old heel injury that dogged me January to March of 2011. But I really wanted to run longer today as I've missed three weekends of long running in a row due to other aspects of life intruding.

This morning I had myself and Buchanan up fairly early because what sun there was going to be was promised to be early. It was cold though with a sharp south-westerly blowing. Happily I remembered the old yellow Hokas that have been consigned to the hall for pretty much a year. They are cushiony, but they're also clumsy and rather ludicrous. That's why they got side-lined. But I tried out my sore heel in the morning and it was still sore in ordinary trainers. With the Hokas there was no pain at all.

So off we set for North Berwick, stashing coffee in the undergrowth at Aberlady Bay for half time. I like to get the stretch into the wind over with as quickly as possible by running on the road. Peter would rather run on the beach, so we parted company with a loose arrangement to try and hook up half way for coffee and cake.

I made it to the coffee first and phoned Peter, who had run into Bruce Mathieson and Jason Liddell down on the beach. I rescued his coffee from the centre of a tree and ferried it down to him. Then we ran along the beach with the wind behind, meeting BM and JL along the way, and all moved together for some of the coast.

We were in agreement that being out in the winter can be harsh but there are aspects of it which are better than the summer. The surroundings tend to be more dramatic. You get more change as the storms roll in and out. And you get emptier beaches.

The tide was well out so we were able to run below the rock-line for stretches of the coast. Despite the cold wind I got warm from running and was happy running along in a vest.

We last saw Bruce and Jason just before we rounded the last head-land and North Berwick came back into view. We hadn't gone out to the subs so total mileage for me was 16.7 miles - for Peter a bit more.

Nice to stretch out and be out for longer. The Hokas did their job well. I'd forgotten how nice and warm  all that foam keeps your feet as well. Tomorrow looks set to be sunny but it'll be a short recovery run for me and back to my books. I've got an essay to write at the end of the month and then I should be a bit more free for a while.


Climbingmandy said...

Nice one Mary. Sorry I wasn't able to come. Had arranged to walk with Bong in the Pentlands and then he cancelled las t minute. Ended up running in Dalkeith country park and only made it to gullane later with the boys. Was a cracking day. Did you have a good bday?

Yak Hunter said...

Sorry to miss you AGH. Birthday was a bit work-a-day although I got lots of little presents from P in the morning which was nice. Think I'll have a proper birthday some other time. Which reminds me - we kind of never did your birthday either did we?
Must hook up soon. I've got an essay to hand in at the end of the month/start of next month and then I'll be a bit more available for fun if there is any!