Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mixed Fortunes

If you're not sure what mixed fortunes are, just think smiley face, sad face :-(.

Yesterday was a hectic day - to the end of my working day was pinned a job interview. A job interview for a job I wanted! What greater pressure could there be? During the night I hadn't slept well, my little mind awash with possibilities. By 3pm my mind was quiet on most subjects and so I took the risk of having a cup of coffee. I hardly drink coffee anymore so I certainly notice it and off I went on my bike in the rain and wind to my interview.
 I was early and it was a tense time waiting - an opportunity to review any advice I might dish out to anxious people.
Notes to self; self-talk  "For God's Sake, don't babble on and don't mumble!" - not helpful.
Reviewing last 2 (failed) interviews - not helpful.
Sitting in the waiting room and looking around for hidden cameras - paranoid thinking...not really helpful...

When I got in the room I would have felt better if I could have just pushed some things off the desk, say maybe the phone and the photocopier and then maybe empty the jug of water over everything - just to get it out of my system. After I sat down and got going I felt better. They were asking me about stuff I knew. Hurrah! Half-way through I had a little reflective pause to myself and dared to think "This is going quite well."
...and it continued to go okay to the end...but I was the first in and they would give me an answer tomorrow (today) afternoon.

Today I had violence and aggression training part 2 for the nurse bank. I had an early start and had had a long day the day before but found myself awake in the middle of the night again, for at least 2 hours, so when it came time to get up I was shattered and bleary-eyed. Restraining people is hard work and was a good diversion. Early in the afternoon I expected my phone to ring any minute and I'd left it on so I would get it. I wouldn't normally do this - I am usually most critical of people who can't be without their phones for a moment - but I just wanted to know the outcome of the interview and be done. By late afternoon I was feeling that it was not going well. Surely I would have heard by now? Then an unexpected and, I think, unrelated event took place. I took someone's arm to restrain them, leaned in and felt and heard a pop from my ribs. My emotion was surprise. (Raised eyebrows face, circular mouth.) "I can't possibly have just hurt my ribs - today is about whether I get my job or not, not about me popping ribs."
It didn't hurt at first and then it did. Not hugely but enough. I think (knowing nothing on the subject) that I have strained an intercostal muscle or ligament. 

So I'm depressed about that. Can I run? I'll find out tomorrow. What really hurts is flushing the toilet - a sharp downwards thrust on my right hand side. Maybe I can run if I just take loads of pain-killers. (The Hay Method. TM)

By the time I got home and there were no messages on the phone at home I felt bored of my life. Why bother to think at all? I had some things to type up from Monday so I decided to get that done rather than oscillating between hope and disappointment. And then the phone rang. The job is mine! And I want it! I wish I hadn't popped my rib.


Climbingmandy said...

MARY!! You are AMAZING! Well done! So pleased for you :-)
Not pleased about the muscle strain but the job is ace news. If it makes you feel better, my training has slid off the radar again. No long runs for two weeks, hardly managed 20 miles last week. This week is sitting at 4.... I'm thinking the Henry run on Sunday isn't really a goer... :-(
Fancy a run at the weekend?

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks Amanda, I'm not sure about being amazing though!
I'll test out my running capacity this morning, see whether it's too sore or not.
We're signed up for Forfar at the w/e but I was thinking I might skip it if Peter can get a lift...the Henry run certainly not a goer...
I find the right way to train for the HF is to do the worst training you've ever done beforehand...

Stuart said...

Well done getting the job! If you even show half the dedication to work as you do towards running then I’m sure they’ve picked the best person.

Bummer about the rib though. Two paracetamol AND two ibrufen 30 minutes before you start running and you’ll be fine.

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks Stuart. You are my main source of wisdom for running with whacked ribs. I had a google search and didn't find anything useful there.

I've already developed a technique for if I need to sneeze. If I wrap both arms around the back of my chair it's not too sore.

JD said...

Hi M, I read the blog for the first time because Peter told me to. Good news about the job, what is it wine taster or running shoe tester? Hope rib thing ok. My training was going really well but have had lurgy for 2 weeks which not good. Will we c u at carnethy, will I need to read more blog to find ou?

Yak Hunter said...

Haha JD, don't let Peter make you read my blog. I'm trying to get my rib un-sore enough for Carnethy, it's in the balance really.
You're right, I am now a wine taster. x