Monday, 28 January 2013

To Hell in a Hand Cart

While Peter was out cycling 10 miles and running 23 yesterday, I had a bit of a lie-in and  then got up and caught up on some chores. Despite the evil weather warnings it looked pretty reasonable outside, so I endeavored from about noon until 3pm to get out running while it was still okay. Then the rain started to batter off the window. I waited it out a bit longer but realised with sinking heart that I had missed my weather window and would have to get out anyhow. I put on a good few layers of clothing and as I was going out the door gave in to the temptation to top it all off with an old rain jacket. I just didn't want to be cold and wet....

I was only planning to run once round Arthur's Seat but as I approached St Margaret's Loch I was stopped by police tape. The Borders Search and Rescue were there too. I assumed they were just on some practice manoeuvre, but it turns out they found a body in the loch. They think it is some poor young chap from Nepal who has been missing for 2 weeks.

I was redirected up Hunter's Bog. I had my road shoes on and the Bog, true to it's name was sodden and wet. The rain and wind were blowing directly in my face as I fought my way up to the top, and my big rain jacket made a particularly good sail and I had to fight all the harder because of it. I came out at the Commie Pool side of the seat. I had been looking forwards to a nice run down hill but I got overtaken by a killer stitch and had to walk for 10 minutes til it went away. It was a sorry effort of a run (expletives deleted), being a bit less than 4 and a half miles in length.

I thought I might make up for it today, but I have had a busy (but not active) day, and got too hungry and waited to eat too long and have now jammed my face with biscuits. There will be no running. I am off to whip myself with a birch twig.

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