Friday, 11 January 2013

Dark Arthur's Seat Run

Today I totally failed to meet RD in Gullane for a run in the afternoon. My shift at work had been busy, the sky was grey, the air was cold and wet, the streets were wet. I went back to bed instead and dreamed about meeting an old school friend called Erland out running. I asked how he was doing and he said I wouldn't like it but he was disabled now. We ran off up the aisle between the seats in a lecture theatre.

After getting up again I spent a bit of time trying to read some papers by the Scottish Government about improving the health of the nation and finally got my act together to head off out on a run. Peter hadn't made it out either yet so he came too. He quickly gave up trying to chat to me because it's hopeless. I can either answer and slow down or keep running and not answer.

Running around in the dark is not doing it for me, although I was better than I was on Wednesday. Getting away from the lights of the cars helps as you can see more from the ambient light of the orange glow of Edinburgh hitting the low clouds and bouncing back. We knocked out 8 miles without much communication and with Peter having to stop and wait from time to time. I guess it's all time on feet and calories burned and what-not. Very much looking forwards to going out during the day tomorrow and running when I'm relatively fresh rather than at the fag-end of a tiring day. I think we need to do a biggish run despite having the XC on Sunday. Maybe the Pentlands. The BBC forecast says the sun might peep out shyly from behind the clouds from time to time. I'll take that.

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