Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dalmeny 15

It was a nice, sunny day today at last. An easy four miler the other morning gave me hope that I'd be okay to run despite whatever I've done to my ribs, as long as I took it easy. We set off from the (unfashionable) east end of the promenade and ran along, past Cramond towards S. Queensferry through the Dalmeny estate, until we'd run 7.5 miles, turned around and ran back again.

There was only a slight headwind on the way out, which was great as it was at our backs when we needed it.

I have been sore with my rib thing most of the time since Wednesday and running wasn't the worst thing for it. It's absolutely worst on my bike, I think because I'm at a stretch. Every bump in the road, and there are lots, jars it. Every time I have to stop at a light or set off again it hurts. I was too dim-witted to check the bus time table in time so I was committed to getting to work that way. I have never taken a bus to get there and have no idea how to do it! By the time I got to work on Friday morning, weaving through the posh school drop off there was a nearly constant stream of swear words dropping from my lips. And I was late.

I think it might be getting a wee bit better. It's hard to say.

Thankfully I've wriggled out of doing the Forfar multi-terrain half marathon tomorrow and Peter is travelling up with his brother.

I am absolutely not thinking about what my newest and stupidest injury will mean for doing the XC next week or Carnethy the week after because I can't do anything about it and I'm actually quite grateful I can run at all. It has come to this!

"Unfortunately" (I need a new emoticon for this - a liar's face with shifty eyes and a forked tongue ) I won't be able to join in with Graham Henry's 38 mile ultra-runners training run tomorrow.

It was quite nice running along in the sunshine today, listening to the birds sing and bothering not a whit what speed I was running at. Maybe that's the future.


runtwo said...

Keep plugging away! I saw those guys in the boats at Cramond too, whilst watching the parkrun yesterday.

Congratulations with the new job, btw!

Yak Hunter said...

Plugging away is about right!

The guys in the boats seemed to be washing their anchor chains. Guess it's a spring cleaning kind of thing.

Like your new-look blog!

Delighted about the new job, ta.