Saturday, 12 January 2013

Poor preparation

Went for another Pentlands run today - aware that maybe it wouldn't be the best prep for the XC tomorrow. Sitting in my pyjamas in the morning I came up with an ambitious plan to go over the high tops; Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald Law, S. Black Hill, E and W Kip, and then run down the Drove road, back up the Coffin road(?), round the back of Black Hill, over Bells Hill,  Harbour Hill, Capelaw, Castlelaw and back to the car park. This all went to plan until I got tired of running up hills. It started to happen at the Kips and only intensified as time went by so I took a right after Bells Hill and got back to the road and back to the car park that way. Peter had the option of running more hills if he liked, and he did pop up Harbour Hill to try to catch the last of the sunset but then he "popped" back down it again and caught up with me.

It was a lot colder today and there was frost at the tops of the hills. The sun came out here and there but rarely where we were. It was good to get home and eat some tomato soup modified with the last of last night's dinner including rice. Just a fraction over 13 miles in all. I'm sure it'll be good training for something. (But definitely not Paxton XC tomorrow.)


mindy said...

Must. Run. Here. Saving for Scotland trip summer 2014...beware the invasion.

Yak Hunter said...

Just in time for the Commonwealth Games Mindy!