Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dark Granton Run

Monday I thought I might get out for a run in the evening, but I didn't, I went for a snooze instead. I asked Peter to wake me up if he hadn't seen me in an hour and a half or so. He forgot though so I slept for 3 hours straight. I actually knew he'd probably forget, time urgency isn't really his thing, and if I'd been that concerned about waking up I'd have set an alarm. But there wasn't any time left for a run anyway.

Tuesday I thought I might get out for a run too, but when I got home from work I was so, so tired. I hadn't really slept right the night before, - something to do with having a 3 hour nap in the evening. So I went for a nap, but this time I made sure I'd wake up in an hour and a half. I did wake up after an hour and a half but I still didn't want to go running, so I didn't.

So this evening I really needed to go running. The guilt and fear had been building since Monday. It was a tiring day. I had to go and do an update on managing violence and aggression for the nurse bank. I spent my day doing break-aways and low level restraints. It was nice being up in the old training room. I've spent many an hour in there restraining and being restrained. It is socially rather odd. I found myself sitting on a nice lady that I'd just met that day. Sitting on her chest and trying to strangle her before she threw me across the floor.

When I got in I had to ignore the siren song of my bed. I used to be able to nap, that used to work for me. I could have a sleep and then wake up ready to run. But it's not working anymore. I was starving so I ate 6 rice-cakes and honey and got changed into my running gear so I wouldn't change my mind. Peter was heading off to club but I'm not ready for that level of punishment yet. Especially in the cold and dark after a long tiring day rolling around the floor.

I forced myself out to do the "old Granton Run", which is just 7 miles. It was still rush-hour, so it was pretty ugly, running along beside millions of cars. It was a struggle and I was glad I hadn't tried going to club. I would have done badly and felt rubbish. Thank god running isn't always like that. I'm off to eat my tea and watch Gok Wan give dating tips.


Climbingmandy said...

Hey Mary. Ditto for me too! I had zero motivation to run Monday & Tuesday. And yesterday I only managed a mere 4 miles round the Seat. Pathetic!
RD has persuaded me to join him, Kathy and Graham on Sunday to do the last 14 miles of the Fling. .. ..

Yak Hunter said...

Good stuff. The last 12 miles are the best bit but don't wear your fave trainers as there's a wade through cow dung....
I'm glad I'm doing the XC as you're all far too fast but I'm hoping having a shot of the course will get you hooked.