Sunday, 21 October 2012

North Berwick Loop

Our plan was to leave the house about 10.30 and head to North Berwick in the van. From there the plan was to run 7 miles on the road into the wind to Aberlady, refuel at the shop there and then head back to North Berwick via the coast which is another 11 miles.

Yesterday the met office were saying it was going to be bright and sunny today but today they had changed their tune and at 10.30 it was drizzling lightly outside. Peter had still been up at 2.30am reading "On the Road" on his new kindle for an up-coming book group so I knew he wouldn't be too disturbed at our setting off a bit later. I spent the morning up-dating all the Portobello championship results - I think next year we should have fewer counting races. It  took time and concentration and I was in a bad mood by the time I'd finished. Not what weekend mornings are for!

So it was a bit after 3pm when we finally set off running from NB. It was a bit grey and cold and I was already hungry so I just got my head down and worked at getting to Aberlady as quickly as possible. That took about an hour. Once there  I repeated the magic formula I used last time I did this run and had a little lion bar and a cup of coffee to get me geared up for part two of the run. It worked as well this time as it had before. An extra bonus was that the sun came out and now the wind was behind us. We realised that we'd left all this a bit late in the day, but it made it extra atmospheric. Our shadows were long and were ahead of us all the way. The lowering light was mesmerising. Peter kept falling far behind as he's got himself a new camera and needs to play with it. I had to stop and wait for him a few times at crucial junctures. There are a lot of different routes you can take running along there.

The last couple of miles into North Berwick we were struggling to see our feet and all the lights were dancing in the harbour. It was a lovely run. We were very glad when we finally got home that we cooked enough last night so dinner was already made.

I seem to have signed up for the Highland Fling again! So hopefully here comes another winter of long runs and taking photos.

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