Sunday, 21 October 2012

I've smoothed out my curves with jelly.

No I've not gone all Nigella on you. I've just been trying to get to the bottom of the heart-rate spike in the first mile question. Is it static? Is it something peoples' hearts do?

In my quest to find out I got a Garmin premium chest-strap (2nd hand off Amazon, so for £20 rather than £35 although I fear it smells of someone else when it heats up!) because someone in net-land said that Polar heart-rate monitor chest-straps don't get a build up of static and the transmitter on the Garmin premium chest-strap can be snapped onto a Polar Wear Link chest-strap. Well the Polar chest-strap turned out not to give any different results from the Garmin chest-strap - but I was by now too deep into this to just forget about it. Another suggestion I'd read on-line was to use a conductive gel on the sensors rather than just water - and that you could use ultrasound gel rather than specifically gel for heart-rate monitors at a fraction of the cost. So I ordered up some ultrasound gel - and I used it yesterday. But then we drove all the way to North Berwick before we started running so I think the gel had dried up. I did get a heart-rate spike of over 180 but it didn't seem a fair test. So today I gelled up and out I went for an 8 miler.

The results are above. I got a brief reading of about 150ish, which back in the old days I wouldn't have blinked at. So there seems to be a change anyway, if not a complete answer to my questions. The other things suggested on-line are to only wear cotton t-shirts or to run bare chested. I'm not about to adopt either strategy.

It was a nice day but it was kind of a forced run as my Sunday runs seem to be these days. I was pretty knackered after yesterday. Arthur's Seat seemed to be teeming with Portuguese people this afternoon.


Stuart said...

"Water"?, "gel"?
I always just give my HRM a good old lick before use. AND I always wash it once a year (whether it needs it or not).

Yak Hunter said...

THAT'S where I'm going wrong!

Fraser Fud said...

marmite, or if you prefer vegemite should give you similar results at a fraction of the cost.
If you place some fresh toast in your rump pocket before you set off then after your run you can use the now soggy toast to wipe yourself clean.
You can now treat this as a snack, use it to feed a friendly fox or simply discard it over a very high fence.


Yak Hunter said...

Thank God there are plenty of men around to give me sound advice.