Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gullane Beachy 12 miler

After yesterday's heart rate monitor thoughts it occurred to me that I could run today with my Garmin to get my mileage and wear my polar heart rate monitor to watch what's going on with my heart rate. I was hoping that during the first mile my heart rate would rise gently in an orderly way, but it didn't - I got similar high numbers as I get with the Garmin HRM - until nearly a mile today, and then it fell back to a sluggish 105. So what is going on with all those people on-line? I don't know. Its a mystery. If I get a chance I'll ask a cardiologist. Anyway, I felt fine.

The skies were dark and it was raining when I arrived in Gullane, so I sat out the worst of it, listening to Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen's spot  on Classic FM. This is a new quirk I've developed in the last couple of months. It may be the beta-blockers.
A mile or so into the run the sun came out making it a lot nicer to be out. The sea was quite churned up and there were loads of things thrown up onto the beach. Sea-weed and lobster pots.

Heading inland through the woods I discovered that the population has increased since last time I was there. I remembered that we had christened the first woodland person "The ghost of Jimmy Savile". I felt a little creeped out for a minute or two until I realised that I wasn't really in his age range! I would be fine! He's lost his white hair anyway and doesn't look like Jimmy Savile anymore. Just down the path there were another two totem people. I like them but they're a little bit Wicker mannish and I didn't hang around.

The last deserted beach at Aberlady bay was really the best bit. Silver seas and golden sands and tangles thrown up on the beach. Then 3 miles inland and into the wind to get back to Gullane. A cheese tongue from Falko's. God they take forever to serve you in there. I didn't think I'd worked all that hard but I realised as I was standing in line that big drops of sweat were sliding off my pony-tail and landing on the floor. And my legs were all muddy up the back. So I retreated back to the car for a cheese tongue and lemonade feast, listening to whoever had taken over from LLB on CFM.

So that's the weekend nearly done. Another busy week looms. I seem to have shaken off my cold though, I slept fine last night.

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coastkid said...

More Wood trolls appeared?!
Did not ride that end of Gullane on Saturday but will see them on the mid week night ride!