Monday, 29 October 2012

Grim Sunday Run

Random pictures of critters along the WOL

I don't mean to  be negative but what a dreich, damp dark day today was. We went out for a 'long' run - up the Water of Leith, back along the canal and into town which then gives options of how many times you want to run round Arthur's Seat to make up the distance. As it happened I didn't want to run round Arthur's Seat at all. Not even once. I left Peter circling and called it a day, arriving home with 15 and a half miles on the clock.

Tomato soup slightly improved matters. Peter arrived home having done 20.

The Water of Leith is laughably broken up in the last few miles. (The first few miles of our run today.) Not possible to run along it without diversion after diversion. As the WOL half is a matter of weeks away we kind of need to figure out exactly where people are meant to go.

And now we are plunged into darkness again for another winter. Only 2 months until Christmas and another 3 months to get us back out the other side and into spring.

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Fraser Fud said...

what about a WoL 'Half n Half' Half. Run down for half the half and then back up to, say, Balerno high School for another half-half. thereby completing a full half.
If you get me.
Just an idea to try and help out.