Saturday, 27 October 2012

Icy cold Gullane run

Peter was off to the national xc relays at Cumbernauld today. It was freezing cold but the sun was due to be out in the morning so I headed off to Gullane fairly early (for me) to knock out 10 miles and see what was happening at the beach.
I wore my skins compression calf things just to stay a bit warm without resorting to tights. They kept on falling down so I guess my calves have lost a little of their manly girth. The Kenyans don't go in for big muscly legs either so I am not bothered.

It was icy cold to start with and the first couple of miles were into the wind. Once I got going it was lovely though. There were very few people at the beach, probably something to do with the eye-stingingly bitter wind.

Before I knew it I was at the end of the beach and it was time to turn up Archerfield for the final 3 miles back to Gullane.

In order to get myself in the frame of mind for ultrarun training over the course of the winter I got Marshal Ulrich's Book "Running on Empty" off Amazon. MU is hard as nails. He thought running Badwater with support was too easy so did it self-supported pulling a cart with all his requirements in it. That was when I first heard of him, years ago. Since then he's climbed Everest and had all his toenails taken out. Anyway I'll probably tell you more when I've read the damn book but Peter got to it first and read 100 pages last night. So I probably have to wait.

Tomorrow might be a longer run but there is a miserable looking forecast of rain and wind. Not keen.

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