Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Traily 16 miler

Its my last free Wednesday for a while as term time starts again next week. I'm not sure what I'm going to do without my mid-week break. Its somehow turned into long run day as well. As last Wednesday I ran a 14 miler it seemed an obvious plan to up it to 16 miles today. The sun was shining so it was worth travelling somewhere nice. Peter was about with some new Hokas he wanted to try out so the surface was to be multi-terrain. We drove to Gullane and then ran back to Aberlady bay and along the coast to North Berwick, then back to Gullane via the road.

The first 8 or so felt easy and after that I had to have a word with myself. No crying and no thinking about food. I'm trying to train myself out of that old ultra-eating attitude. Since I've lost power I think the only thing  I can do to help myself is adjust the power to weight ratio at the weight side of the equation. So 16 miles on just some sips of water and a lovely tangerine when I finished as a reward in the car. Happy days.

Peter was pretty happy with his Hokas. They look a bit like clown shoes and seem to attract equal amounts  of praise and disapproval. (There was quite a long and interesting thread about them on the WHW race forum a while back.) The minimalist footwear people seem to think they are the royal road to pillowy foot death. Other people say they're very comfortable and save your feet and legs on long, long runs. Peter's looking for a way to run long without setting off his plantar fasciitis again. So far so good.

It was a lovely day out. The beach is most diverting. Lots of different surfaces and views and colours and not too many people about. 2 nasty angry black labs owned by posh twats were the only stain on the day. I thought briefly about how it would be good to carry a taser but then relented because if we all weapon up then what we have is America. Standing still and swearing until the posh twats called their dogs off did the trick anyway.

I found myself thinking, despite myself, about the possibility of having a go at the Highland Fling again next year. We'll see if this madness passes or not.

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