Saturday, 22 September 2012

Another Aberlady Day

I had a kind of scarey run last night. I felt quite quick and energetic when I set off  but after the first mile my heart-rate climbed up to near 200 and wouldn't fall. Normally it falls if I just keep running. I don't know what was different about yesterday. I had a busy day. Maybe I'd managed to metabolise all the drugs in my system and I was effectively drug-free. As soon as I stopped running it fell again to normal, so was okay from that point of view but I was worried that something new was happening that might mean I should restrict my running.

I've been able to run enough so I'm okay about waiting to see the next consultant until the 2nd week in October. I realised after last night how much my being relatively calm about the whole thing is dependent on the fact I can keep getting out and running in the meantime. So I was trepidatious today to see what was going to happen heart-rate wise. If it shot up and stayed up it would be stupid to run far...but it often takes a jump for the first mile or so and then settles down.

It was a beautiful cold, sunny day. We drove to Gullane and set out to do a 12 miler. The first mile my heart-rate shot up. I tried to not get wound up about it. A mile in, when I paused to open the gate to get on the path to Dirleton it suddenly dropped right back. Phew. And was fine for the rest of the run.

The tide was way out today so we were able to run on sand round rocky bits of beach that we normally would have to go inland to avoid. Saw some nasty looking, meaty jelly-fish. Also a very serene dead seal lying on his back looking like he was sun-bathing.

Back in Gullane, having run nearer 13 than 12 miles we realised we'd stupidly forgotten to pack any fruit so had to go to Falko's for cheese tongues instead.

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