Saturday, 1 September 2012

Scald Law

I'm working tomorrow and I wish I wasn't. It'll be alright once I'm there but its the shortness of the weekend I struggle with. Today I am trying to relax and get my act together simultaneously.
It was grey and windy but I'd planned to get out in the Pentlands and it still seemed a better option than many a run. Peter came too, despite having been up late at the Speed of Light thing (he tells me they run at about 2mph at the speed of light) on Arthur's Seat. He tried to chat to me on the way up hill but it was no go. I take a while to warm up these days.

It threatened to  rain and be completely clagged in but then the fierce wind blew all the clouds away. There were a few cheery and polite teenagers in the hills and no one much else. They must have been doing Duke of Edinburgh award stuff or something. How refreshing to meet a teenager's eyes and not be told to f*ck off.

It was boggy in the Pentlands but very nice to be there all the same. From West Kip its pretty much a 3 mile downhill run which is a blast.

So now there's a ton of stuff that I should be doing. I better go!


coastkid said...

Met your friends today at Gullane beach with puppy Vizla `Harris` -:)

As i mentioned to them i need to get Peter out on a beachride soon -:)

Yak Hunter said...

Oh that's good.

I'll tell Peter. I'm sure he will be delighted.

Climbingmandy said...

Coastkid! Your bikes are so cool! If only there was space for a fox terrier and a vizsla on board!