Saturday, 15 September 2012


Okay its a cheap joke I know. Having been at a talk on Wednesday on the psychodynamic school of therapy; Freud and Klein in particular, my eye has been sharpened for things looking like ...people's bits. I found my drink bottles particularly disturbing when I looked at them afresh today. However they are light and convenient and Buchanan is of the opinion that all you need for a long run is a big drink beforehand, which meant he wasn't carrying any.

I was super-busy during the week so only had time for a couple of tiny runs. Yesterday my mileage for the week was sitting at a bit over 15 miles and I've been managing 30+ a week and didn't want to spoil it so 16 today seemed a good plan. We did the same run as 2 blogs ago but conditions were really different today. The wind was blowing strongly and the sun  was out making for an atmospheric and at times exhausting run. We nearly got caught out by the tide and as it was so far in we did some inland running which ended in the odd episode of going the wrong way, getting lost and wading through nettles that were taller than I am. I still have pins and needles from the last of the stings fading away now.

However it happens that the sand changes so much in consistency from one run to the next, (maybe the wind drying it out), today it was really deep and dry and sinky, sucking all the power out of our legs. All the while there was a lovely haze over everything and the air seemed shiny.

The last 4 miles back to Gullane from North Berwick on the road into the teeth of the wind were a real slog. At Dirleton I guess there was a wedding reception being held at the old castle there. There were people wandering around in dresses and kilts looking happy and maybe a wee bit drunk. I was sweating, puffing and blowing running up hill into the wind through the midst of them.

Back at the van, on my new cake-free regime I had a lovely banana and some plasticy tasting water.


runtwo said...

Nice one - good you are knocking out some decent miles again.

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks. Its definitely easier than it was.