Saturday, 8 September 2012

Another hilly run

Peter did a Park Run this morning  as for all of September the Park Run is a Portobello club championship counter. I half thought about it but thought again pretty quickly. It would probably wipe me out for a proper run later and I've no interest in getting up early at the weekend unless I have to. It kind of took the wind out of his sails for our run up the Pentlands later which was okay too.

There was  rain on the wind and the tops were a bit clagged in but it felt more atmospheric than anything else. The ambient temperature was fine. There were more runners than usual in the hills, which we put down to people recceing the upcoming Pentland Skyline. There were lots of assorted walkers too.

To vary it some we went from the Red Moss Car park via the Drove Rd. over the kips and Scald Law to the top of Carnethy and then turned around, went back over Scald Law, round South Black Hill and then cut down the side of East Kip on a path that follows a fence down and brings you onto the route from the Carnethy 5 which takes you down to the Howe. Then we took the stony path (Graham Henry calls this the Coffin Road but I've no idea if that is really its name or just something he made up!)  between the hills back down to the car park. 10 and a bit miles in all. Arrived to find I'd forgotten to lock the car but luckily no-one had stolen the loaf and bananas we had stashed in the boot.

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