Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ghosty Shoes

New shoes today. I've wanted to try out the Nike Lunarglides ever since they came out. They make (or they used to) the bold claim that they give you as much support as you need. As all that ever put me off getting them was they were kind of expensive, when I saw a pair on t'internet for £50 I thought I would get them.
I was hoping they'd arrive today but had given up and decided to go out a run as I'm busy later.

I was just standing on the pavement getting a Garmin signal while the old worthies from the Strathie bar stood watching me and smoking cigarettes when the courier man arrived at the main door. Nice timing. I had to go back up the stairs to change. On the internet they'd looked very shiny white which I thought would be okay but they are a corpsy grey. Maybe why they were available so cheap.

I took them out the 8 miler I had been intending to do before they arrived and they were fine. No problems so far. Pretty soon they will just be dirty looking like all my other trainers. As to whether they offer any support or not or what I don't know. They were nice and bouncy.


Atif Riaz said...

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Billy said...

Doesn't the support come from Planet Earth Mary? Nice colour though - always found the need to drag squeaky-clean white ones through mud ASAP!

Yak Hunter said...

Ahah Billy you still exist! I came across a 'thing' about a bamboo bicycle club the other day and thought of you.
I'm not convinced about support shoes being helpful but I did fancy trying something new.
After the wet summer my trainers are at a new level of grotty. I'm sure these ones will go from corpsy grey to filthy brown in no time! Hope you're well.