Friday, 24 June 2011


Today we went for a swim with Lucy at Gullane beach which was smooth as t'mill pond. We also took along a waterproof headcam which was an ebay impulse buy and has been gathering dust (on top of the piano) since November 2009.

The sea will never be calmer so I had no excuses. Lucy and Peter swam expertly off and I puddled along in very shallow water the best that I could. New discovery for today was that the wetsuit rubs your neck unless you protect it in some way. I also seem to have sunburn on one eye-lid. Bizarro.

Afterwards Lucy was driving up north and we went a wee 5 mile run along the beach and back to "see the mini-subs". I wasn't very impressed. Just some sea-weedy rusting rubbish on the beach, but Peter loved them. Maybe I was just too hungry to appreciate them properly.

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