Monday, 20 June 2011


We heard the awful news today that our friend Andrew Henderson  died on Saturday. He ran in the relays at the Highland Fling and did a fine job, went into hospital around the time of the Stornoway Half (28th May) and we gather found out he had pancreatic cancer. We googled this and it isn't good. I think mainly because it can stay asymptomatic for so long and the cancer has usually spread by the time its detected. We knew he was in serious trouble but I guess you don't give up hope until you have to. (I mean me, not Andrew, I hadn't given up hope.) We certainly thought we'd be seeing him  at the Tour of Fife. I haven't digested what's happened yet and I don't really want to say much more except Andrew was a lovely guy with a really robust, calm presence and he was great fun and I can't believe for a moment he's dead.

We're sad and upset at the thought of the sadness and the upset Andrew and his wife Julia have  both just been through, and that Julia's still going through.

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WHW Runner said...

I am completely shocked to hear this terrible news about Andrew. He was a lovely guy, and always had time for a chat at races whether he was running himself or taking photos. My thoughts are with Julia at this very sad time. Ian