Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rainy Hill Reps

(Picture borrowed from the WWW because I liked it.)

We had a couple of days off running. I was feeling like I was getting my Cape Wrath cold back after Sunday's bleak Pentland's run. I don't know whether I should be taking it a bit easy after CW or capitalising on having put in a bit of work and keeping the mileage up. Anyway, Monday I felt crap and I didn't want to go out at all, let alone run, so I didn't.

Tuesday I probably could have run but I still felt tired and it seemed like an effort. I had other stuff to do and the weather wasn't that nice so I didn't go for a run. Peter seemed to get caught up in my web of lassitude and didn't get out either.

So yesterday it was an effort to wait all day to go for a run at club in the evening. We thought about just going out anyway - but then it started to tilt down so it was just as easy to wait. Come 6.30pm as we were leaving the house the pavements were just starting to spot again. On the way up the road we got soaked.

I was stiff as a board from 2 days sitting glued to the computer catching up on various bits of mandatory training that I need to do. I'm starting a new part-time job at the end of the month so trying to be organised for that. NHS Lothian are trying to save money by, among other things, cutting back on the use of bank staff i.e. me so I've barely worked in 2 months. Its great not working but I do need money. There aren't many jobs going and I can't work full-time and do the course I'm doing so I've had to drop a couple of grades...anyway - quite looking forwards to doing a completely new job!

Last night only a small, very elite set of runners elected to go with Gordon up to Hunter's Bog to do hill reps in the chucking rain. The further up the hill we went the better I did in comparison to others, suggesting my chugging up hill capacity is building. We did hill reps til our legs burned and then stumbled round the Bog to "recover" and then did it again. It was so diverting we forgot all about the rain and the rain seemed to forget all about itself because by the end of the session the sky had cleared and it was gone.

This weekend's delights include Traprain Law race - which I've never done but Peter loves. I hope my legs have recovered by then.

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