Sunday, 5 June 2011

Skyline Lite (Skylight?)

Last night's gung-ho notion for a run for today was to go and do a Pentland Skyline and get some proper hilliness in. Knowing this perhaps added to my inability to wake up this morning until gone 11am. In my dreams I was chilling out - having a  beer even. It was hard to drag myself out of bed. Outside the sky was leaden and it looked cold. After a pretty quiet breakfast we decided we would go and do it anyway.

Both of us were quieter than usual. The wind was cold. Our legs were stiff from yesterday. At Carnethy I made the suggestion that we "trim" our Skyline by chopping off S. Black Hill and the Kips and Hare Hill by heading down from Scald Law, right of East Kip and then to the Howe and onwards up Black Hill. Peter said we could only do it if I said it was my fault. I was up for that. It was good to get down off the peaks and out of the sharp easterly wind. By the last few hills neither of us were feeling short-changed. It was a relief to finally head down to Hill-end and right down to the car at the bottom car-park. 15 and a bit miles, even trimmed, since we started from before the start. Glad to be home. Outcome - sore feet and hunger...

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